What To Expect From Alcohol Rehab

Say that a person has undergone alcohol rehab, he or she will be treated for physical as well as psychological addiction to alcohol. Such treatment may take place either on an outpatient basis or residential.

If treated through the latter, it only means that the patient has severe life threatening alcohol addiction. The person lives at the treatment center so by that, they'll receive continual care. In outpatient however, this is ideal for those who have alcohol addiction that's not life threatening. Alcohol rehab treatments are carried out during day at the treatment center and when it is done, they simply have to return home and come back again the next day for another treatment.

There are basically 3 steps or stages that a patient will undergo to be able to complete alcohol treatment and these include:

Stage 1

The moment you check in at such drug rehab kansas city center, first thing that'll immediately occur is detoxification process. This process is basically stripping your body of addictive substances, built-up waste and poisons. These things could sap your body of energy, cause illness or even stimulate inflammation or allergies. You won't be allowed to consume any alcoholic drinks and if you're doing this as outpatient, then you'll need to exert efforts in refraining from alcohol.

And since your system is used to drinking alcohol, you'll likely experience withdrawal symptoms in the first 3 days of your treatment like chills, sweating, depression, mood swings as well as blackouts. As a matter of fact, this may take a couple of weeks in cleansing your system but still, this depends on how severe your addiction to alcohol is.

Stage 2

The moment you've finished with the process of detoxification, you'll now work on psychological aspects of alcohol addiction. You'll be working with addiction treatment counselor for a number of sessions. Throughout these sessions, you'll have to discuss any life events or choices that may have contributed to your addiction. The counselor will be providing solutions if you have any mental or behavioral issues. Under their supervision, you might meet other recovering alcoholics in group session in the alcohol rehab facility as well.

Stage 3

At this last and final step, you're typically done with the major part of alcohol rehabilitation. The moment you leave the treatment, you might consider attending AAs or Alcoholic Anonymous or any aftercare programs in an effort to help you know the best coping strategies to avoid backtracking into alcohol.